Tuesday, April 25, 2017

organizations that support my social issue

One organization is the World Health organization. This organization is really about how climate change and pollution has affected human health all over the world. They talk about how they're trying to encourage the world to mainly stop pollution since it's a leading cause of peoples bad health in the world. Pollution affects peoples health every day and people all over the world still pollute the air and water without even thinking about their health. They are trying to better peoples health by helping clean up the pollutants that affect the air and water.

Another organization is the Canadian society of zoologists. This organization talks about the affects global warming has on animals. They talk about the effects pollutants and climate change have hurt animal health. Their main goal is to help the world by getting rid of pollutants and getting animals somewhere safer so climate change doesn't affect animals health all around the word. The organization is trying to slow down the affects that global warming has on animals so the animal population around the world doesn't start to decline and so animals don't go extinct.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Global Warming and why I chose it as my Social Issue.

My social issue topic is global warming and how it affects the world. I chose this because it's an on going problem in today's society. Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the Earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the effects of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Oil, natural gas, and coal are among the listed dominant drivers of global warming. Global warming is causing affects all over the world because animals can't live through climate change and people's health will be damaged. The affects of global warming also include affecting the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the weather we experience. What people can do to reduce the affects of global warming is they need to reduce fossil fuel use, reduce waste, and conserve water. These examples are what people in today's society need to do to stop the effects global warming has on the world.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Argument Essay

For our argument essay's I feel pretty good about it but at some points it's hard to not turn the essay into a persuasive writing. In my first argument essay I thought it was pretty easy because it was on a easy topic. The topic was on is it okay to bring food into a movie theater or not. In the essay I wrote about how I don't think it's okay to bring food into a movie theater. I think that persuasive and argument essay's have the same concept to them but persuasive is about trying to make someone do something that you think is good and argument essay's are about making a point about how one thing is better then the other thing. I think that argument essay's are a little harder to write because you have to stay away from making it sound like a persuasive writing.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

    The Vikings are now 3-0, they haven't started a season 3-0 since 2009. I was pretty surprised they won a against the panthers who have a great defense and offense. The vikings steeped up on defense with 3 interceptions and 8 sacks. Marcus Scherels got a very nice punt return. Sam Bradford has really stepped up for the absence of Teddy Brigdewater. The Vikings running backs have really stepped up to for Adrian Peterson's injury in game 2.
    I think we gotta work on things with our offensive line. Four outta five of our lineman are rookies. They need to help Bradford out a little bit so he doesn't get destroyed by the other teams defense. They still are doing great on defense and offense just gotta keep their head in the game and keep working hard. I think they'll do pretty good this year if Blair Walsh stops missing extra points.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hey! Welcome to my blog! My blog is going to talk about my sport life and fishing life. I selected these two topics because that's what i love doing.

I've just moved across states because my dad got a new job. I will start out talking about sports and then move to fishing later because I usually fish more in the winter. I never usually liked going fishing but now I love fishing. I just started playing football this year and i'm pretty excited!

I might add in some other topics like gaming and wrestling. I will do those in the winter because wrestling usually starts during or near the end of winter. I will start talking about gaming in winter because that's when i like to stay inside more then outside.